Q:  How do I access the website features?
A:   The username and password were given to
       students in class.  In addition, there was a
       username and password given to parents during
       open house.

Q:  What do I do if I do not have a password or
A:   You can email me, identifying yourself by student
       name in the subject heading and I  will send it to

Q:  How do I download files?
A:  Just click on the appropriate file, but you will need
      adobe acrobat reader to view them.

Q:  What are the discussion boards used for?
A:   For students to collaborate and discuss ongoing
       assignments.  In addition, students can organize
       group study times, etc.. At times, students will be
       required to respond to posted questions given in
       class via the discussion boards.

Q:  What is the photo link for?
A:  To post pictures of ongoing crime scenes and
      other labs.  For example, this would be an ideal
      place to post histology specimens.

Q:  What is the calendar used for?
A:   It is a tenative schedule of classroom
       happenings.  In the event something changes, it
      will be updated by 7 p.m.  that school day.  In the
       top right corner of the calendar, you can filter
       through the classes to isolate  just one course
       that  I teach.

Q:  How do I access the online biology book?
A:   Instructions are posted on the biology page, right
      below the online textbook link.