Q:  In forensic science, how often are tests
A:   In forensic science - rarely, as it is authentically
      tested via cases where students apply their
      knowledge.  Prior to the cases, students will learn
      the techniques required by them to apply to
      these cases.

Q:  In anatomy, what is a lab practical?
A:   It is based on the gross anatomy of specimens
      examined in lab.  For example, students will be
      required to know specific bones and their
      landmarks - this would be a lab practical.

Q:  How do I know when a test is?
A:  Look at the calendar on the website.  Students will
      never find out about a test at the "last minute".
      Typically tests will be known at a least a week or
      more in advance.

Q:  How often are biology tests?
A:  It depends on the unit, some have more content
      than others.  On average, about every three

Q:  Can I retake my biology test?
A:   In biology yes, but do be informed how it works:
       once test grades are posted online, students will
       be informed they have one week to come in
       during the available times to remediate their test.
       At the end of this week there will be a retake test
       session during the available help time.  The
       retake grade and original grade will be averaged
       together 50/50, which will be placed in the grade
       book as the final score.

Q:  Can I retake my anatomy test?
A:   Unfortunately no.

Q:  Do you give study guides?
A:   Typically yes - in addition, I go over the format of
       the test prior to the test day, essentially telling
       students what the free response questions will
       be.  Beyond this, the best study guide is the
       notes students take in class, which is the basis
       for the test.