Q:  Do I have to print everything?
A:  No, only what you desire.  If you do wish to print
      more than that, please feel free to use the science
      lab printer during help times.

Q:  What are study guides?
A:  They are optional to do and collected on the
      formal test days (no lab practicals).  Each count
      for 10 points, if completed, and will be placed into
      the grade.  By having additional work, outside of
      the test heavy nature of the course, it acts as a
      "positive" point value in the grade - taking the
      stress off of tests.  Thus typically raising the
      overall grade.

Q:  Do I have to dissect?
A:  Yes, it is an important element of the course which
      cannot be replicated.

Q:  Is the class grade weighted?
A:   Yes.

Q:  What do we dissect?
A:  Sheep eye, heart and brain and a feline with an
      intact integument.