To the left, is one of my favorite places in the world to visit, Maui, Hawai'i.   I have been an educator for 26 years and I am a proud graduate of Madonna University.  I hold degrees in biology & chemistry, as well as a masters in educational leadership. 

I am honored to have taught a multitude of students for my first 4 years at Dearborn Divine Child High School and for the past 22 years at Berkley High School.   As a professional, I have also been proud of some of my accomplishments:
  • 2016-2017 Berkley High School Teacher of the Year & Nominee for Oakland County
  • 2001 Michigan Science Teacher of the Year - High School Finalist
  • WNIC Radio Teacher of the Day
  • Recognized multiple years as a "Who's Who Among America's Teachers"
  • Designed & Implemented Two Courses - Honors Anatomy & Forensic Science
  • My Forensic Science Class Curriculum is Being Used by 5+ Districts Around the Country
  • Presented at Two National Science Teacher Conferences
  • Presented at Four Michigan Science Teacher Conferences
  • Mentored Two National Science Fair Award Winners
  • USA Today & US Weekly Website of the Day/Week
  • Pierelli Website International Design Award
  • Taught a semester, while in University, at St. Helen's, England. 
Outside of the classroom I have also served in a variety of other capacities:
  • Junior Class Moderator at Divine Child
  • Bowling Club Moderator at Divine Child
  • Notebooks for Learning Leader at Divine Child
  • Berkley Education Association High School Director
  • Science Olympiad Co-Moderator at Berkley High School
  • Liz Parks Novitsky Science Symposium Co-Moderator at Berkley High School
  • National Ocean Sciences Quiz Bowl Co-Moderator at Berkley High School
  • National Science Honor Society Co-Moderator at Berkley High School
  • Science Department Co-Chair at Berkley High School
Outside of the professional domain, I love to read and be with my family.  I also take care of an 85 gallon reef aquarium at my home. Additionally, I am a semi-professional magician & mentalist and a member of the Society of American Magicians.   As not only an educator, but also a scientist, I am interested in the pathology of a variety of diseases and disorders and neuroscience.